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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 11, 2024 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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pat from illinois. boeing gives bonuses for diversity? how about just keeping the doors from flying off? yes, maybe the bonus is if the doors stay on. sam from bloomington, illinois. old-school snl sounds like current day white house at least one hunter is there. they had cameras where hunter goes on snl. same thing. mike. where can i get an application to join chicago aussie teachers union. sounds worth joining. you get a free laptop. charlie from dearborn, michigan. judging by johnny's interviews new york is turning red. i hope the president saw that interview. it was rough. that's all for us tonight. dvr the show and always remember, i am watters and this is my world.
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welcome to "hannity". we begin with a fox news alert. the united states and united kingdom conducted precision error strikes against the houthi rebels. now after months of serious terror attacks to critical shipping channels in the red sea and irani and missiles fired into israel, the biden administration has finally responded. will it be enough to deter future attacks? by the way, what about iran? a sickly the backbone of the houthis. they offer supplies and train. they direct the houthi rebels. they are fighting every proxy war they are involved in. any consequences at all for them? an important reminder tonight. in one of his first acts as president joe biden remove the houthis from the designate terror list act and is very naïve and foolish attempt to appease iran is now another major blunder for the administration. why joe biden has this obsession
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to suck up to iran, only god knows. my monologue coming up. but first with the latest from the white house tonight our very own peter doocy. what's the latest? >> reporter: the latest is we were on a call with the white house national security council and they say that the white house does hold iran responsible for their role in funding these houthi attacks. they say despite everything that happened over the last couple hours they have not seen any signs yet of the houthis retaliating. we are learning that the red line for president biden wound up being when the houthis used antiship ballistic missiles for the first time in history. these houthi attacks in the red sea on shipping channels have been going on for several weeks. but president biden wound up sticking to his foreign-policy m.o. he took time to deliberate. he took time to get allies on board. he picked the option from
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pentagon planners that did not require putting american troops on the ground in yemen to carry out these attacks. there was a statement that the white house gave us from the president. part of it says this. today's defensive action follows this extensive diplomatic campaign and houthi rebels escalating attacks against commercial vessels. these targeted strikes are a clear message that the united states and our partners will not tolerate attacks on our personnel or allow hostile actors to impair read him in one of the worlds most critical commercial roots. i will not hesitate to protect our people and the free flow of international commerce as necessary. a few hours ago at the white house we saw john kirby from the podium issue what wound up being the final warning to the houthis. >> we will do what we have to do to counter and defeat these threats that the houthis keep throwing up on commercial shipping in the red sea. the houthis need to stop these attacks and will bear
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consequences if they failed to do so. >> reporter: over the last administrations it has been commonplace when there is an order like this to see presidents talk about it on camera. there is no plan for president biden to address us on camera this evening. that may be because he needs to smooth things over with members of his own party first. just in the last hour or so progressive members of congress including ro khanna, mark pocan are putting out the word publicly that they think the strikes were illegal and they think they violated the constitution because president biden acted on his own. he did not get permission from congress first. sean? >> we heard past pinprick responses like in the case of our troops being attacked in iraq and syria. just a few days earlier think about this. i was watching your questioning in the white house briefing room. we might not have had a secretary of defense if this happened a few days earlier.
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at least we found out the mystery that was going on there. peter doocy at the white house. thank you so much. we will have more on the airstrikes coming up later. sore loser chris christie finally dropping out of the race immediately caught on a hot mic pretty much bashing everyone in the republican party except himself. he's the only one in the republican party that has any courage. he's the only one and people don't want to hear him. more allegations of serious misconduct and collusion leveled against new york's attorney general and bolton county da fani willis as they attempt to persecute donald trump further. we will bring in the former president's closing statement out of new york happening tonight. today hunter biden pleaded not guilty in federal court to federal charges of tax evasion. the president's 53-year-old son is accused of stiffing the government of more than a million dollars in taxes. apparently hunter feels no guilt or remorse for not paying his fair share. he also seemingly has no regrets
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about defying the congressional subpoena and two former trump advisors. they are facing for the prison time for the exact same act. steve bannon and peter navarro. but hunter biden, doesn't appear worried at all. after all his daddy's doj will more than likely go to great lengths to protect him. yesterday hunter flouted his impunity during that surprise appearance on capitol hill to attend his very own contempt hearing. he sat in the back of the room glaring at lawmakers. his camera crew in tow. it was either a sad attempt to intimidate members of congress or probably likely a stunt for his upcoming documentary. either way, hunter didn't stick around for very long, fleeing the room after getting publicly humiliated by congresswoman nancy mace of south carolina. take a look at this. >> you are the a bit of me of white privilege coming into the oversight committee, spitting in our face, ignoring a congressional subpoena to be
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deposed. what are you afraid of? you have no balls to come up here. i think that hunter biden should be arrested right here and right now and go straight to jail. >> time expires. ms. green from georgia? >> thank you, mr. chairman. excuse me, hunter. apparently you are afraid of my words. whoa! >> entertaining if you want to call it that. two separate committees voted to hold hunter biden in contempt sending the measure to the full house for an upcoming vote. if past of will be up to biden's doj to prosecute hunter. needless to say i have little faith that justice will be served. we will get a good look at this dual justice system that we often talk about. unequal justice of our laws. we don't have equal application of our laws. after fleeing from marjorie taylor greene, a very wide-eyed hunter biden strolled through the halls of congress where he faced this question from our very own elle reeve on.
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let's take a look. >> reporter: mr. biden, why did you put your dad on speakerphone with your business partners if he had no involvement in your business? >> does he call you asked do you answer the phone? >> yes. why did you need to talk to him during business meetings if he had nothing to do with your business? >> business meetings with foreign business leaders, getting paid millions with no experience. what a deal. do you have a father? is that hunter's best answer? is he really that stupid? maybe. the president's middle age son is an accused tack street facing corruption, bribery, gun crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes and he expects to walk into capitol hill after defying the congressional subpoena and face no scrutiny at all? that wasn't the only question that hunter faced yesterday. take a look. >> reporter: despite this that they saw to use. >> be quiet and let me make a
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statement. what type of crack do normally smoke? hunter biden was and is a private citizen. republicans have sought to use him as a sign to attack his father. and despite the improper and partisan on six different-- >> hunter, his lawyer abby loyal and sugar brother kevin morris. they quickly departed the capitol complex. keep in mind kevin morris, hunter's new and mysterious bff spent millions of dollars on the president's son. he helped hunter pay a huge tax debt. now we are learning that morris bought most of hunter's high dollar amateur art, portraits of a crack addict. hunter's new found career as an artist was another way for morris and other democratic donors to send hunter money. according to testimony from the new york art dealer, hunter knew about the sugar brother buying up his art despite those
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promises from the white house that the patrons will, quote, "be kept confidential, from even hunter himself in an attempt to avoid ethical issues that could arise as a presidential family member tries to sell a product with a highly subjective value. according to the art dealer, he never even worked with the white house on any such ethics packed. the white house straight up flat out lied once again. died in and the family got rich. sounds a little familiar. according to the first lady jill biden hunter is just a poor, helpless victim. take a look. >> i think what they are doing to hunter is cruel. and i am really proud of how hunter has rebuilt his life after addiction. i love my son and it has hurt my grandchildren. that's what i'm so concerned about, that it's affecting their lives as well.
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>> well, no offense, first lady. if you want this to go away, maybe you can explain how your stepson with no experience at all in energy by his own admission made all those millions of dollars from burisma holdings out of ukraine. why were chinese nationals giving hunter biden millions of dollars? the big oil conglomerate in china, the cefc. and what about the first lady of moscow, former first lady of moscow. why was your husband joke pictured with many of these international business partners when he said he never one time ever ever spoke to his son, his brother or anybody for that matter about the foreign business dealings? she didn't answer that question and she will never be asked that question on msdnc. here's another important question. why is the first lady sitting down for an interview while the president is doing no interviews?
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he has been noticeably absent. the schedule noticeably light for several weeks. according to jill, her husband has an amazing work ethic and lots of vigor and everything. really? you decide. your husband is 81. at the end of a second term he would be 86. as his life partner of 46 years, is there a part of you that is worried about his age and health? can he do it? >> he can do it and i see joe every day. i see him out traveling around this country. i see his vigor. ic has energy. i see his passion every single day. >> to those who say i can't vote for joe biden because he is too old, what do you say? see akai say his age is an asset. >> he is wise? >> yes, he is wise. circle back jen psaki. i have a hard time keeping up. joe biden has vigor? do not see what is going on with your husband?
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he can barely walk and talk. he tells the same stupid stories over and over again. a lot of them full of lies. is not even clear he remembers the truth. you have to lead him off the stage like a lost puppy half the time. is terrible disease, awful leadership failures have caused one crisis after another. the chaos has been nonstop. here is how former president trump put it last night right here on this channel? >> we have chaos now. looked at today with hunter biden going into congress and just sitting down in the bedlam that has been caused. today you have chaos. we have, i think more would joe biden. he can't put two sentences together and is representing us on nuclear weapons with hooton and xi. we will make this country successful again. i will not have time for retribution. remember this. our ultimate retribution is success. >> if joe and jill had any decency and honor you know they
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would step aside are make way for more competent candidates in 2024 for the democrats. here is chairman of the house judiciary committee jim jordan, james comer and the chairman of the house ways and means committee jason smith. good to see you all. jim jordan, let me start with you and your letter to christopher wray and we will talk about the contempt. there is an underlying 1023 form that was earlier back in 2017. that became the basis for scott brady u.s. attorney asking to talk to the confidential human source that produced the 1023 formed or we asked christopher wray to give us that foreign. when you step back and looked the big take away wasn't the chaos in the committee yesterday or the fact that kevin morris who is sitting there purchased $875,000 of hunter biden's art and it wasn't what happened in la with hunter biden pleading not guilty to tax charges. the big take away is what david weiss didn't charge hunter biden with. he didn't charge him with those
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tax years 2014 and 2015 when he got the income from burisma. he let the statute of limitations expire because its one thing to have a gun charge and an delaware park that doesn't get you to the white house. that doesn't get you to the white house. the burisma tax years do. that's within the 1023 form. that's why we want the earlier one as well pass the fbi to produce it. >> when this became an issue why wouldn't they have automatically handed you the other 1023 form? in other words, were they hiding it from you? doesn't seem like they are very cooperative. i don't know if they were hiding it from us. we learned about it when we talk to scott brady when he was charged with filtering the stuff and getting it to the appropriate u.s. attorneys for investigation. he founded out finally after six months when they should have turned it over to him. once we talk to him we felt we should go pursue and get this. we're hoping that chris wray will turn it over. smack let's turn to james comer.
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let's talk about yesterday and the antics of hunter biden showing up. let's also explain to people what normal procedure is. if you get a subpoena to appear before congress you are deposed behind closed doors. if there is a public hearing that would occur afterwards. is that's not standard procedure? when steve bannon and peter navarro did not show up, were they not charged with contempt of congress after a recommendation by the committees? >> yes, that's exactly right. standard procedure you get a subpoena and come for a deposition. according to the rules you also have to give three days notice for a deposition to make sure everyone is there and prepared to ask questions and answer questions. we've done everything by the book in this investigation to ensure that everything that we accumulate in the form of evidence is accessible and admissible in a court of law. eventually eventually the bidens are going to be held accountable in a court of law. hopefully we will have this attorney general do their job.
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regardless, future attorney generals will be able to use the information that we have obtained in our investigation to hold these people accountable for the crimes they have committed. we did everything by the book. hunter biden showed up. ironically, sean, right when he sat down moscowitz from florida the democrats started saying that hunter biden is here to answer questions. he is here to answer questions. is time expired. i recognize marjorie taylor greene. she was going to ask him questions when i recognized her. hunter biden's eyeballs popped out and he jumped up along with abbe lowell and they ran out and about knocked over three or four people out the door. 2 jason smith, let me ask you and we will get an update on the ways and means committee. i want to get your take on the contempt of congress and whether or not you think that the same laws that were applied to steve bannon and peter navarro will be
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applied to hunter biden? i think them showing up during the middle of this proceeding, they just have to have a feeling of confidence that they are not going to be held to the same standard. i don't have any confidence they will be held to the same standard. as we look at that two tiered system of justice, my question to you is, white hunching hunter should not be treated the same as navarro and bannon? >> he should be treated the same way. when steve bannon was held within contempt, within 22 days the justice department brought charges against steve bannon. when hunter biden is held in contempt, let's see if the next 22 days his father's justice department holds him in contempt. it is absolutely a great day for the two irs whistleblowers, sean. today, they were vindicated. everything that they told the house ways and means committee and the charges that they
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thought hunter biden should be charged with, in fact, that is why he was in court. all nine of them. unfortunately as jim said he should have been charged with 2014 and 2015 tax crimes. as the whistleblower said, the justice department allowed the statute of limitations to run out. >> let me ask you congressman smith. this is important. the burisma years, it was david weiss in charge and david weiss allowed the statute of limitations to expire. is that not true? those were the burisma holding money years? if that happened and david weiss, correct me if i'm wrong, was it his original plan not to charge hunter and the whistleblowers came forward and that led to the sweetheart deal that blew up in court because a judge read the agreement and said she had never seen anything like this in her life next and even got the defense to say they had never seen anything like it in their lives. that led to david weiss finally having the power that he had at one point and then said he didn't have two go after tax
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charges in washington and california? >> that's exactly right, sean. what's interesting is that this sweetheart plea agreement, the original one, came out two days before the ways and means committee released the irs whistleblower testimony. that whistleblower testimony is what blew up that sweetheart deal. if that sweetheart deal wouldn't have blown up, the charges would have never came in california. this would have all been swept underneath the rug and the two tiered justice system would not have been seen. >> they came off the course close. jim jordan, this is not about hunter biden. this is about joe biden. will bite and said he never wants spoke to his father. i'm sorry his son, brother or anybody about the foreign business dealings. joe biden had extensive contact with foreign business contact partners and with partners of his own sun regarding financial matters.
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then it comes to the implication of his own son on his own laptop and communications about monies going to his father. at that point are we talking about--what are we talking about if a vice president leverage leverage is a billion dollars to get a prosecutor fired after five days of having a phone call with burisma executives and his son gets paid millions for doing nothing with no experience at a time that he's a drug addicts. what do you call that? >> they call it bribery. what you just described, sean, is the facts that took place when joe biden went to ukraine and conditioned the release of american tax dollars eight to ukraine on the firing of the prosecutor who was applying pressure to burisma. all of that is corroborated by the confidential human source. they told the fbi that the head of burisma said we hired hunter biden to protect us through his dad. that's the prosecutor who they got fired, the conditional
6:22 pm
release of getting money is victor shope and. he is mentioned eight times in the 1023 form. we are asking for the earlier 1023 form so we can put that information together with this as well. that's the heart of this matter. then you have this other evidence that jamie and jason have brought forward from their committees that supported. the most corroborating evidence we have is the 1023 form from this highly credible confidential human source according to u.s. attorney scott grady. >> james comer, you've talked a lot about the shell corporations, some 20 of them or however many you are up to now. you're talking about 10 biden family members you identified as getting paid. we talked about joe's contacts with foreign business partners and official acts he took from the updated 1023 form which gave us the whistleblowers. now we know there was no ethics deal that all in terms of hunter having no knowledge of who was buying his art. according to the art dealer, he
6:23 pm
knew who 70% of the buyers were. or they all democratic donors? >> at least 70% were democratic donors. we are trying to identify the remaining view. at the end of the day you remember jen saki telling everyone after members of the house oversight committee demanded that we know who is actually buying the art. she stood up and said they had ethics rules in place. they talked to the art dealer. the art dealer testified under oath in our interview he has never spoken to anyone at the white house and didn't know anything about an ethics deal. another lie from the biden white house. >> we appreciate it. james comer, jim jordan and jason smith. when we come back the count down to iowa continues. last night governor ron desantis battling nikki haley. we will show you the highlights as governor desantis will check in with us next, straight ahead. scare, we needed to act quickly. because we had christian healthcare ministries.
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with the iowa caucuses just four days away the republican primary is taking shape. last night governor ron desantis and nikki haley squared off in the last debate before monday. the two sparred over a number of topics. student i debated the governor of california gavin newsom. i thought he lied a lot. nikki haley gives him a run for his money and she may even be more liberal. >> when i was governor of south carolina we pass the toughest illegal immigration law in the country. obama sued us over it and we won. >> under her administration you would have seniors getting less cost-of-living adjustments while your tax dollars are going to pay the pensions of ukrainian bureaucrats. >> that's not true. that such a lie. >> you supported all that money going over there. >> you are so desperate.
6:29 pm
>> last nights headline did not end there. the one and only chris christie who left office with a 14% approval rating announced the suspension of his campaign but not before this shot at nikki haley caught on a hot mic. take a listen. >> who is getting a return on their investment? she is going to get smoked. you and i both know it. >> here with the reaction is 2024 republican presidential candidate and now my governor. i know you are stuck with me. i am sure this is painful for you. governor ron desantis. >> the thing about it is us floridians usually don't go north and january. here i am in iowa. it is now single digits. there is going to be a big snowstorm coming through tonight and tomorrow. by caucus night they think it could be negative 20 degrees with wind chill even less than that. i was down in florida at the beginning of the week for the
6:30 pm
state of the state address. when i flew up to iowa, i do own a winter court in florida. i left it there so we are getting my stuff. i will be ready to go. i have supporters. >> i gave away all my winter clothes. they are gone. i gave them away. i wasn't planning on 20 below whether. i will be there on monday. let's talk about the state of the race from your perspective and how important is iowa to you? i always find iowa caucus system to be a little funky. new hampshire allowing independents to decide what party primary they want to vote for. that kind of puts a twist into things. your reaction to both of those and then heading into south carolina. >> well, last night was a great night for us. i think that nikki haley was clearly flustered and rattled because she's uncomfortable bin confronted with her record. i am proud of my record in florida of beating the left and delivering on my promises. i'm proud of the vision we have
6:31 pm
for this country. when the debate ended we had people going to ron and signing up to help. more people have been going to the website to donate. that's a good sign. but you are right. a caucus is different than a typical election because it's about organization. it's about turning your people out. rebuilt an incredible organization. i've gone to all 99 counties and answered questions from islands across the state. that's not necessarily what coastal media likes to see. they think you're spending too much time listening to people. i disagree with that. it pays off on caucus night. with this whether the organization will matter even more. going out and negative 20 degrees, unless you are really committed to voting, that's an easy reason why you wouldn't want to go. we have got that in place. we are continuing to gather more folks. people are coming out in big numbers even in this weather. we will do an event after this. i have a big crowd in the des moines area.
6:32 pm
people are definitely getting excited about this race. we've seen energy on the ground. monday the story is organization, organization, organization. i think we have done it right and i am looking forward to take it through. >> i am looking forward to it. but not looking forward to the 20 degree weather that i will be flying into. assuming i can get there with all the weather. it's very interesting. i was a little surprised, governor. i had confided in you and told you and many other people. i said it publicly for years that i would get out of new york. i want to play both kathy hochul and andrew cuomo basically saying they don't want conservatives in new york. i want you to answer under the prism of you have a larger population in new york. you have half the budget of new york. your infrastructure is twice as good as new york. your schools are number one and your crime is half of what new york's crime is with half the money. just listen to what these two
6:33 pm
governors said to conservatives in the state. >> we are here to say that the arrow of trump and selden and molinaro just jump on a bus and head down to florida where you belong. okay? get out of town. get out of town. you don't represent our values. you are not new yorkers. >> their problem is not me and the democrats. their problem is themselves. who are they? are they these extreme conservatives who are right to life? assault weapon, and i gave. is that who they are? because if that is who they are and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of new york. that's not who new yorkers are. >> tax the rich. we did. god forbid the rich leave.
6:34 pm
here's my point. first of all, i'm not anti- gay. but i am pro- second amendment and proudly pro-life. i just listen to that, get on a bus and get out of town. i mean, you are earning 400,000 new floridians now including me a year. i've got to imagine you are pretty happy about that? >> obviously the upper income people save a lot of money because they chase them out. it's not just that, sean burke the number of people that retire out of fdny, nypd, port authority. where do they go? some stay in the tri-state area but a lot moved to florida. we have massive numbers of folks retired here who were active on 9/11 and responded to the twin towers. they are getting new york pension payments and spending it in florida. you are right. we have half the budget with much better results. our state government in florida is the smallest employees per capita in the entire country.
6:35 pm
it just shows you the people in new york are getting taxed for your state government to waste those tax dollars because we are doing better with half the footprint. i also think what you showed with kathy hochul and andrew cuomo, there is this movement amongst the left to try to demand a one-party state and to try to weaponize government against conservatives. it's not surprising you have seen that with that line of thinking. i think it's really dangerous. >> i thought california was bad. new york is just as bad if not worse. i'm still getting asked questions about your debate with gavin newsom. governor, thank you for being with us. we will see you on monday. thank you. up next the endless trump witchhunt continues. what happened during closing arguments in the state of new york in the civil fraud trial? trump's spokesperson is next. we will break it all down, straight ahead.
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the left obsessively continues to push forward with the never ending trump witchhunt. earlier today while trump defied the judge overseeing far left attorney general fraud case against him and gave a closing statement of a whopping five minutes. meanwhile fulton county da fani willis comes under fire over her alleged romantic relationship with the lead prosecutor in the trump case. outside counsel paid over $650,000. his name is nathan wade. she has been subpoenaed to appear as a witness in his divorce proceedings. a new bombshell report from politico revealing that the january 6th committee helped guide the early days of the trump georgia pro. as committee staff quietly met with attorneys and agents working for fani willis in april
6:41 pm
'22. besides the steadfast pursuit of more trump witchhunts, what else did the attorney general of new york and the da in fulton county fani willis have in common? according to the visitor logs, both visited the biden white house in the last two years. here with the reaction is trump legal spokesperson alina hobbit back to us. great to have you with us. let me see if i have this straight. you have the attorney general of new york meeting with the biden white house and white house counsel i assume. do we know who? how many occasions have you identified the biden white house? what was the timeframe of that? >> sure. we saw that there was a meeting in august, the month or two before they filed the complaint. there was another meeting later in the midst of our litigation on the attorney general's claim. that is twice confirmed. i believe there are also reports
6:42 pm
that she had been at ms. kamala harris's home. this is not normal. she's a new york attorney general voted by the new york constituents. the only thing they all have in common is the sorrows backing. i cannot understand why she would have because in the middle of a trial to go see the white house and the biden administration let alone the top. one of the record said they met on the front long. i can't believe what i am seeing. i really can't. i am with you reporting with you every day. i am in the weeds. i still am shocked they cease to amaze me. this is unbelievable. i thought georgia was bad. today i have to sit in court and get notice that this person has now weaponize her, which we already knew. but now that she is coordinating as well with the biden administration. what was she therefor? coffee? we don't believe it anymore. >> the joke of this is that the
6:43 pm
whole case is pending on the idea of whether i would not valuations that by the way you have a disclaimer. the trump organization had a disclaimer. don't use their valuations. any company lending money or giving insurance they have a fiduciary responsibility to do their own valuations. it's a moot point. not a single person has been aggrieved in this case. there is no complaint from anybody. no lender, no insurance company. it's absurd on its face. they want to seemingly fulfill the campaign promise to go after one man, donald trump, one family, the trump family and one organization, the trump organization and cancel them. then you have fani willis meeting with the january 6th committee. and outside counsel she is hiring and taking extravagant vacations with, she met with the j6 committee and both of them went to the biden white house. he charged fulton county for the hours he was there with fani willis at the biden white house. is that correct?
6:44 pm
>> can you imagine a world where you are trying to be corrupt and then you build your time to the corruption? what planet are we living in? honestly, the stupidity is amazing. if it proves to be true, you've got to get popcorn at this point. it's not a joke. these are real people. the trump organization paid over $300 million in taxes over the past few years to employees. this is about people that work in the company. this is about the kids who won't be able to get a mortgage and take out a car loan because ms. james and people like her had a political agenda. it's not a question of fact. it is a fact. there is video footage of it. like i said today in court not one piece after three years of investigation, not one piece after 11 weeks shows that any of them committed fraud. all it shows is one thing. desperation and election interference. it's pathetic. it's obvious. the american people get it.
6:45 pm
you are not meeting with the biden doj. you are meeting with the bidens and kamala harris herself in her home. what is going on? when is our country going to stop talking about it and start doing something about it? they have no problem doing something about it when it's trump. >> if the case is mostly based on valuations and they are implying that president trump put in valuations that were not accurate. but yet you have a judge in the case that is clinging to the idiotic, completely moronic view that mar-a-lago is worth a mere $18 million. i mean, he would be more guilty of anything being alleged against the trump organization. am i wrong? >> sean, he should get damages for how much he has been prosecuted and how many years he's had to pay for lawyers and defending these garbage claims. he should get damages. >> okay. i can tell you i know a little bit about florida real estate now.
6:46 pm
that property is worth closer to a billion dollars than $18 million. you can't make this up in a novel. it's sad. that is justice in america and it's not working. alina hobbit, thank you. the latest out of yemen where president biden responded to nonstop attacks from the houthi houthi rebels. we will check in with congressman mike walsh straight ahead.
6:47 pm
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this is a fox news alert. tonight the united states and uk have launched strikes against several houthi using aircraft ships and submarines. some on the left are not happy stating the protest in front of joe's white house tonight to protest what they call it illegal and immoral attacks. remember the houthis have been disrupting shipping traffic in
6:51 pm
the red sea. biden withdrew the terror group designation after taking office, which was a dumb idea. the houthis are acting on behalf of iran which continues its reign of state-sponsored terror around the entire region. they've been funding the war against the saudi is. the houthis are one of many groups causing chaos. another is hezbollah. they have also been helping hamas. u.s. officials are now warning that hezbollah may try to strike right here in our own homeland. with joe biden's wide open southern border, that shouldn't be so hard. it's not just iranian proxies wreaking havoc. today a ran's owned abc's control of the marshall islands flagged oil tanker. here with the reaction is founder of pull our a security former state department spokesperson morgan ortega's. let's start with you. i am sorry, but the proxy war that the houthi rebels have been fighting against the saudi is in
6:52 pm
the missiles they are firing into israel is all coming from iran. where is joe's courage to strike at the head of the snake at some point? i see nothing but joe capitulating trying to get billions of dollars into irani and coffers. >> the president biden iran policy has spectacularly failed and it has cost so many lives around the middle east. when you look at what happened over the past three years when the biden administration did not enforce the sanctions on the book, it means billions of dollars or as much as $90 million to the irani ins. they were able to turn around and in turn fund hamas, hezbollah and the houthis all of these groups seeking the goal to chase the united states out of the middle east. they don't want us in the region. that's why you see our navy sailors have been sitting ducks from houthi attacks. you see over 33 americans that
6:53 pm
were killed by hamas terrorist attacks. let's not forget hezbollah. hezbollah is in the north of israel. this is a very sophisticated terror organization. it's been reported there are sleeper cell agents from hezbollah in the united states. they have proxies around latin america. we remember attacks in argentina and many other places. we cannot forget the beirut attacks. hezbollah is a terror group that has long routes and long capability to attack and kill americans. 2 congressman, we know that the last time we've had hundreds of attacks on american soldiers in iraq and syria. what was biden's response to hit two empty warehouses? as of tonight i will be skeptical in terms of what they did being militarily affected. i guess maybe i should be happy its something. they are not getting to the heart of the issue, are they? >> no, they are not. until tonight our navy ship
6:54 pm
captains did not have the authority to shoot at the missiles being launched at them, to shoot at the actual houthis, shooting from shore even when they detected them. better late than never. i am thrilled to see actually some of the ships, one the uss florida, taking this action. the white house is finally letting them do so. let's rewind the clock for a second. our golf allies under the trump administration and now told us the houthis or terrorist. president trump designated them terrorist. in his first month in office what did biden do? right after he was done stupidly lifting, right after he was done canceling the keystone pipeline, he lifted the terrorist designation on the houthis. look at his statement tonight. iran is not mentioned anywhere. look, i'm glad to see this
6:55 pm
action. better late than never. as long as iran is flush with cash to rearm and refit the terrorist, this is only going to continue. >> this hardly gives me any confidence that any of these terror groups that are fully supported by the number one state-sponsored terror iran are going to be intimidated or stop what they've been doing. i have no confidence with that. thank you both. coming up next, those who shall not be questioned. lie.>>hat we will explain, straight ahead. additional nutrien ts. it's precisely formulated with the purest of ingredients, and it's inexpensive in relation to the results it produces. there is nothing like it. now look at the supplement facts and two videos on our website and place your order online or call 888-497-4535
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this week during a closed-door interview with the house select committee on covid dr. flip flop couch he admitted that the social distancing guidelines he foisted onto our country sort of just appeared. we are not backed by the science. of course the good doctor was singing a much different tune
7:00 pm
back in 2020. take a look. >> every aspect of that ending the covid outbreak in 30 days has some aspect of it of physical separation. whether that's avoiding crowds, whether that staying 6 feet away from people, whether it's doing teleworking. all of that does that. all of the most important tools, avoid crowded places. 6-foot distance. maintain that. i believe and i think there is good enough data to say that aerosol transmission does occur. by aerosol, make sure you know what we are talking about. generally if you have droplets that come out of a person, they generally go down within 6 feet. so if you are fixed feet distance and wearing a mask you don't worry about that. >> unbelievable. that's all the time we have left this evening. set your dvr and never miss an episode. greg gutfeld will put a smile on your face.